Defining taste is about experimenting with the expectation of what’s coming. Mixing expectations up, breaking them down, and reinventing the experience of taste, is what I do. My creations result in revelation. I specialize in euphoria and overwhelm you with the eclectic equivalent of life’s gifts. Gifts like flying to a new world for the first time, the flirtatious glance of a stranger, a ray of light catching your eye at sunset or reuniting with someone you lost. It’s balance. All at once.

I take your experience and shake it up by using combinations of textures, local ingredients, bold taste and contrast. I evoke memories by using classics. A hidden surprise awaits you in each creation. And you won’t see them coming. Those who dare to taste get to keep the memory.


Inspired by travels, Hong Kong, daily outdoor pursuits, and arts & design, I create sweet experiences.


Menu design

If you’re craving a fresh influx of ideas for your upcoming dessert menu, let’s discuss and explore your ideas and options.
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Training chefs

Aside from creating a menu, I can help with the delivery of the dishes by your cooks. By training cooks up front, but also during service.
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A hidden surprise awaits you in each creation

After travelling to the corners of the world, I now call Hong Kong home. I work globally, creating dessert menus and training chefs. I travel to the hotspots of the culinary world, to the places with the tastiest ingredients, and to challenging assignments. What defines me is the thrill of life, whether I find it in sports, food or friends. I seek discovery, wherever I am. What inspires me is seeking the simplicity of local markets and what they offer. What I find, I bring home and unleash my ideas onto. 

I overwhelm you with the eclectic equivalent of life’s gifts